How to Display Rings for Sale

Eye-Catching Jewelry Display Ideas

You’ve signed up for a craft show to sell your rings. Congratulations! Now, what comes next? If you’re wanting to sell as much as possible (and we know you do), you need to be strategic in how you organize your display. How you display your jewelry will have a big impact on not only your sales but also your total craft show experience.

Fortunately, setting up your table or booth does not have to be stress-inducing. Use the following step-by-step guide to learn how to display rings for sale!

What is the Best Way to Display Jewelry for Sale?

You may have beautiful pieces to sell, but unless you display them properly, you’re unlikely to receive much interest from prospective clients. Here are some simple tips to get the most out of your merchandise.

1.    Set Up Glass Display Cases for Your High-Priced Items.

Theft is an unfortunate reality of craft shows and flea markets. While some merchants may be able to shrug off the loss of a few items, any jewelry with precious metals or minerals is simply too valuable to leave out in the open. At the same time, you cannot hide these items in a steel lock box or you’ll lose your most effective form of advertising.

A glass display case is an excellent solution for how to display rings for sale without hiding them away. This will act as an effective theft deterrent while simultaneously showing off your most beautiful pieces to passersby.

2.   Hang Earrings on Rotating Racks.

If you have various jewelry pieces, hanging your earrings can help your pieces stand out. A 360-degree spinning earring rack is both space efficient and it also easily allows for comparison shopping. When a prospective customer spins your rotating rack, they’re effectively peeking through your entire catalog with minimal effort.

3.    Create a Necklace Wall.

Necklace walls are a trendy way to maximize your available space while also offering an aesthetically pleasing experience for the consumer. Depending on the space made available to you, you may need to bring in a cork or felt board along with metal pins and clips.

A necklace wall represents a fantastic opportunity for you to get creative with your jewelry. Arrange your necklaces in sweeping patterns and use the space to your best advantage by displaying the most valuable pieces at eye level and the less valuable items near the top or bottom.

4.    Use Mannequins.

Mannequins are fantastic advertising tools because they allow the customer to directly see what the jewelry will look like on a human body. This will better help them visualize what the jewelry might look like on their own body and this could lead to higher sales.

It’s worth noting that mannequins can be cumbersome and expensive. That’s why it’ll be better for you to use mannequin busts or hands rather than full-body mannequins if possible.

5.    Use a Cork Board.

Here’s another great example of how to display rings for sale cheaply and efficiently. Corkboards are inexpensive and easy to set up and tear down. Moreover, they give you a great bang for your buck.

Craft fairs aren’t known for giving their vendors large amounts of space and cork boards allow you to maximize what little space you do have by going vertical. If you do elect to use a cork board, however, don’t forget to design the layout so that your best jewelry is at eye level.

6.    Offer Pictures of Your Jewelry in Real Life.

This is a fantastic opportunity to have fun with your jewelry. Make a call to all of your aspiring model friends on social media. You can hire a professional photographer if you have the money. However, smartphones now take excellent photos that are often more than adequate for craft shows, so don’t despair if you lack the funds for professional treatment.

Photos are a fantastic way to advertise because they will let your prospective customers see what your jewelry looks like out in the field. You can ensure the photos present them in the best light for an excellent first impression.

Glass Display Case for High-Priced Jewelry Items

Jewelry Mannequins

Woman wearing Jewelry

Handmade Rings Display

Lots of rings in display

How to Display Handmade Rings

You won’t want to use the more expensive cushioning material used by professional jewelers. Instead, use a cheaper material such as dollar store foam curlers.

People go to craft fairs to celebrate creativity and individuality, so don’t be afraid to get unconventional with your homemade ring display. You can arrange your rings in an eye-catching heart or flower shape to draw in customers.

How to Display Rings Creatively

Sometimes simple really is better! The best way to go about displaying your rings creatively is to use a simple grid system.

Cut out small holes in the cloth or velvet surface of your box and use those apertures to hold the back of your rings. Then arrange them in a creative pattern. For example, you could make a heart shape or an outline for a miniature tree.

How to Display a Lot of Rings at a Craft Show

If you have a significant amount of inventory, you may choose to avoid a complicated ring configuration in favor of maximizing the total number of rings on display. While you do give up the eye-catching aspect of ring display, you can make up for this deficit by drawing in more customers who will want to see all of the wares you have to display in your case.

How to Safely Display Rings at a Craft Show

Avoid embarrassing and dangerous mishaps by safely arranging your rings on a plastic stand. You can also use a wooden dowel to hold your rings. This way if anything happens to your table, you can quickly recover and tidy up.

How Do Professionals Display Jewelry

Professionals display jewelry by organizing it according to worth, size, color, materials used, and value. Put your most expensive pieces front and center where they’ll command the most attention, and you can increase how much money you walk away with.

Organize Your Jewelry Like a Pro for Greater Results

If you’ve been struggling with how to display rings for sale, use these tips above. You’ll soon see that at your next craft show, you can maximize visibility and profits while potentially even enjoying the sales process more.

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